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Effective land management is critical to our planet’s sustainability. We work with our partners to help conserve and restore at-risk lands. Your donation will be distributed to five nonprofits whose missions focus on:

  • Working to secure indigenous land rights
  • Conserving and restoring natural areas in local communities and across the globe
  • Protecting our right to access publicly owned land
  • Helping to facilitate and maintain outdoor recreation opportunities
Conserve Our Land


The sustainability of our food systems is critical to our ecosystems, our communities, and our families. The health of our food systems is strained by population increases and diminishing resources. Contributions to this issue area support five nonprofits that work to:

  • Reduce food waste through programs that save food and redistribute it to people in need
  • Help farmers transition to more sustainable practices
  • Bring community gardens to urban landscapes, helping to strengthen local communities and educate about where our food originates
  • Implement school curriculums that help children understand why sustainable food systems are crucial to our futures
  • Research key agricultural strategies that will help to establish more sustainable food production for future generations
Support Sustainable Food


Humans have created many of our water-related problems, and we feel it is our responsibility to step up and restore our most vital resource. The quality of our water is essential to our health, our economies, and our environment. Our waters are under threat from pollution, development, and our growing human population. We have partnered with five nonprofits to fund efforts that:

  • Provide access to clean and safe water resources
  • Improve the health and sustainability of our oceans
  • Conserve, restore, and protect our rivers and lakes
  • Safeguard our favorite beaches through regulation and protection efforts
Restore Our Water


Climate change is the defining issue of our time. Sea levels are rising and our oceans are warming. The land, wildlife, and water we love so dearly are being irreversibly threatened. We need to do more–now. Contributions to this issue area will help our five nonprofit partners to take action in:

  • Advocating for sustainable climate policies at the local, regional, and national levels
  • Providing access to clean energy resources in developing countries
  • Helping to cool our earth through reforestation efforts that capture carbon dioxide
  • Researching and teaching the climate benefits of regenerative agriculture
  • Educating people of all ages about the ways they can reduce their carbon footprint
Fight Climate Change


From industrial emissions to toxic dumping in our oceans, pollution harms the environment on a global scale. Did you know that 92% of us actually live in areas where air pollution exceeds safety limits? Pollution threatens the water we drink, the air we breathe, and the land that sustains us. With the help of our nonprofit partners, we seek to combat all forms of pollution. Your support will go to five nonprofits that are:

  • Reducing microplastics in our natural environment
  • Educating students about a zero-waste world through waste-reduction programs
  • Preventing disease by reducing our exposure to toxic pollutants  
  • Advancing how products are made to create a healthier and more sustainable future
  • Helping to increase recycling rates and make recycling more of a societal norm
Clean Our Planet


A healthy planet depends on a multitude of diverse organisms living together and functioning as one interconnected system. Humans, animals, fish, plants, soil, and water are all interdependent, and it is this diversity that allows for a sustainable existence for us all. However, many species are now at risk due to environmental degradation. Our wildlife fund focuses on protecting the species that need our help most. Your aid, allocated to five nonprofits, will help to:

  • Protect the world’s most endangered species
  • Conserve bird and insect populations and protect their habitats
  • Ensure the welfare of marine wildlife through crisis response, rehabilitation, and research
  • Provide technology that helps manage wildlife conservation areas
Protect Our Wildlife



And it needs us now more than ever.

We know nonprofits are able to operate in sectors including, and beyond, where traditional markets exist. They're able to develop the necessary expertise to drive solutions and address issues in very specific ways. 

We commit to building support for the essential work of our nonprofit partners within our six core issue areas: climate, food, land, pollution, water, and wildlife. That’s why we’ve developed vetted “Issue Funds” to make it easy for you to give to multiple nonprofits through simple donations. 

We ask you to learn more about our issue areas and the work of our nonprofit partners below, and to consider giving back to any (or all!) of these issues. Simply click the button within each section to donate.


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Climate change is escalating, our food systems are increasingly stressed, and our lands, waters, species, and air are threatened like never before.


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